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Best Social Media Apps & Websites To Consider For Your Brand in Kuwait.

Doesn’t matter if you are a small or medium business owner in Kuwait, or whether you’ve just started your business or maybe running it for years in Kuwait. It’s really important for you to know which are the best performing social media apps or websites in Kuwait for your business to get you the maximum brand reach on social media and engage with the right audience to achieve your social media goals.

Social Media Kuwait

Social media is the best and most preferred approach to popularize your brand among your target audience in Kuwait. It is a significant part of our lives, especially for your business. There are many types of social media apps & websites to consider such as:

  • Social networking (Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok)

  • Micro-blogging (Twitter, Tumblr)

  • Photo sharing (Instagram, Snapchat)

  • Video sharing (YouTube, Facebook Live, Vimeo, Instagram IGTV)

In Kuwait, social media influencers have the capability to reach out to a massive number of audience and create an impact through the top social media platforms which are:

  • Instagram

  • Snapchat

  • Twitter

  • Facebook

  • TikTok

These social media apps & websites are the best for your brand. Many brands depend on the influencers on these platforms to promote their business and create an impact on their target audience in order to achieve their social media marketing goals.

In 2018, Kuwaiti online networks position the most noteworthy in online use. Kuwait has a semi free media when compared to the countries in the Middle East.

Most of the influencers use these platforms on a daily basis to communicate to the audience, advertise other brands and share pictures and videos.


Which Social Media App or Website Works For My Brand?

Social Media Kuwait - Instagram

1. Instagram

Instagram has become an excellent way for brands to promote their products & services in Kuwait.

Instagram, attracts users more likely interested in fashion, food recipes, hair styles, and cosmetics and so on. From the total of 1.90 million audience on Instagram in Kuwait, 62.2% are male whereas 37.8% are female.

You can post a video or picture, like and dislike, share your comments, stories...etc.

There are also various types of sponsored ads available on Instagram to help businesses increase their reach.

Social Media Kuwait - Snapchat

2. Snapchat

While Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are still seeing significantly more users than Snapchat each month, using Snapchat for business could still be an effective way for your brand to reach a new audience. Interesting fact about Snapchat is that from the total of 1.85 million users in Kuwait, majority of the audience are female.

Now obviously Snapchat isn’t for everyone. If you’re a B2B marketer targeting high-level decision makers at corporations than Snapchat isn’t your best bet.

Snapchat has a feature that lets you post a picture or a video that is limited to 24 hours from, it grabs the attention of the younger audience.

Snapchat also has paid ads that can help you achieve three types of marketing objectives:

  • Awareness: Reach a considerable number of audiences to increase the awareness of your brand.

  • Consideration: Drive traffic to your website or app, increase engagement, encourage app installs, video views, and lead generation.

  • Conversions: Drive website conversions or catalog sales.

Social Media Kuwait - Twitter

3. Twitter

Twitter is a gold mine of customer insights and opportunities to build your brand, drive sales and win fans. Having 2.11 million Twitter users in Kuwait, Twitter provides a platform for brands to have meaningful conversations with consumers, and ensure their messages get heard.

Twitter ads work towards five different business objectives:

  • Website clicks: Promote Tweets with Website Cards to encourage people to visit and take action on your website. You’re charged per click.

  • Tweet engagements: Promote Tweets with the goal of starting conversations about your brand. You pay for the initial engagement.

  • Followers: Promote your Twitter account and pay per follower gained.

  • Awareness: Promote your Tweets to a broad audience and pay for impressions (CPM).

  • App installs: Promote your Tweets with App Cards and pay per click to open or install your app.

Social Media Kuwait - Facebook

4. Facebook

With over 2.70 million users in Kuwait, Facebook is a safe site for any businesses trying to boost sales with marketing for e-commerce. Majority audience on Facebook are the expats living in Kuwait.

Facebook is one of the oldest and most popular platforms amongst the expats living in Kuwait. Millions of people can be reached through Facebook ads, it is a good platform to gain brand awareness and generate clicks.

Facebook ads are designed to help you achieve one of three broad types of campaign objectives:

  • Awareness: Build brand awareness or increase reachability.

  • Consideration: Send traffic to your website, increase engagement, and generate leads

  • Conversions: Create online conversions, make catalog sales, or drive foot traffic to offline stores.

Social Media Kuwait - TikTok

5. TikTok

TikTok might be the next biggest social media platform for advertising in Kuwait. Influencers are extensive and can help promote your brand to millions of their followers. TikTok Ads offer a powerful, yet easy-to-use platform to help businesses and brands advertise to the audience in Kuwait.

Types of ads available on TikTok:

  1. In-Feed ads

  2. Brand Takeover ads

  3. Top View ads

  4. Branded Hashtag Challenge

  5. Branded Effects

Social Media Kuwait - LinkedIn

6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a platform where it’s more likely to find business partners and other professionals. It is slightly different than the other social media networks. But if you are running a B2B business then LinkedIn works for B2B lead generation. So if you work in B2B, LinkedIn is a gold mine.

There are also various LinkedIn paid ads available to help your business increase reach and generate more leads.

Social Media Kuwait - WhatsApp

7. WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is a free-to-download app built primarily for small business owners. This is a place where they can

  • Create a business profile to share useful information.

  • Create a catalog to showcase their product/service.

  • Connect with customers by leveraging tools to automate, sort and send a quick response to messages (even when businesses are unable to answer in an instant).

WhatsApp currently doesn’t serve ads and its encrypted messaging system means targeting would be very limited anyway.

WhatsApp business can also help medium and large business provide customer support and deliver important notifications/information to their customers.



To summarize, if you want to grow your business, generate leads and spread awareness, using social media platforms would be the best and guaranteed broad-minded approach. The social media platforms that were mentioned above are the most powerful and farthest reliable platforms that are used in Kuwait. Social media platforms has made a huge impact for brands in Kuwait that tends to promote and advertise their products. Throughout social media, companies can hit their target audience in a direct way which exceedingly gets them right where they want to be with less effort and more results. The Kuwaiti community likes to try and use the newest programs and applications in the world of social media platforms and communications programs to stay up to date on everything that is broadcasted on the social media networks.

Still confused about which social media platform suits your business? Reach us and we will help you out!

Raybal has the experience of managing social media accounts within several industries such as electronics, hospitality, media, and entertainment, we are proud to provide advantageous social media services in Kuwait. We are one of the top marketing agency in Kuwait, providing the best social media management services.

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