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Is Digital Marketing Worth It In Kuwait?

Digital Marketing Kuwait

The internet is a vast place. In Kuwait from 4.2 million of the total population almost 99% of the population has an active internet connection. What does that mean for your business in Kuwait? It simply translates that almost 99% of your target audience in Kuwait is using internet, in the form of surfing through the websites, searching something on Google, watching YouTube videos or using social media platforms.

But the main question is where to start from?

How to reach them?

It takes a lot of planning and a well-defined strategy to make sure that you are not just adding to the noise. To have a real impact, you need a clear message broadcasted and shared on the right platforms to the right audience.

Will digital marketing be a good option for my business in Kuwait?

Let’s get this cleared that Digital marketing is for everyone and everything. There is not a single business that won’t benefit from a widespread reach. If you do it right, digital marketing will become one of the strongest tool you, as a business owner will ever invest in.

Did you know many people don’t even own desktop computers anymore!!

Mobile marketing has opened up a whole world of opportunities for increased engagement, from creating a personalized user experience and reaching new users. According to Global Web Index, more than 80% of internet users own a smartphone, and 90% of the time spent on their smartphone is devoted to apps. And when we talk about Kuwait, almost 99% of the population owning a mobile phone has an active internet connection.

Digital marketing eliminates the old “one size fits all” approach to marketing by providing companies with better insights into segmentation. Using results from customer behavior tracking to personalize outreach creates the ideal customer experience.

As we know a referral from a friend instantly makes a company seem more trustworthy to potential customers. Just like that digital advertising leverages on social media to make “likes” and other online reviews visible to friends of customers.

Nowadays everyone uses Google to search for any information, products or services. In fact, 81% of B2B purchase cycles begin with an online web search. That may be why search engine optimization (SEO) has the best ROI of any digital marketing channel. For a company to be seen on Google, it must show up on the search engine’s first page. A solid SEO strategy is used to improve a company’s Google ranking.

Let’s take a look at some important points that makes digital marketing way more effective and efficient than traditional marketing.

  1. Digital marketing is more affordable, flexible, and engaging than traditional marketing methods. Here the small businesses can also give a good competition to the bigger business, with improved best practices, and increased engagement through digital efforts.

  2. The digital marketing stream is not reserved for large corporations. Irrespective of the size or industry you belong to, digital marketing in Kuwait is a necessity for business growth and its survival.

  3. If you look at the traditional marketing campaigns, it including print and television which can be more costly because of pricey resources and the difficulty of tracking ROI. Whereas digital marketing uses targeted research and analytics to quickly determine which approaches are working well and which aren’t worth the cost or resources. That’s the reason most digital marketing channels are less costly from the start and helps in preventing overspending on underperforming campaigns.

  4. If we talk about the marketing budget then, while big companies with larger budgets will be able to spend more on digital ads and advanced software, digital marketing gives small businesses more opportunities to compete, improve brand awareness, and build an audience.

Let me share an interesting story with you…

Few months back at Raybal Group, a potential client walks in and discusses the opportunities of digital marketing in Kuwait. As the meeting progressed, we shared our previous campaign details. The was astonished to see the results on Google Display Network (GDN).

Being over excited about the scope of digital marketing, the client over leveraged the investment on Digital marketing. He was over confident about the return on investment on digital platform. Unlike in offline marketing, you have forecast available on Google search ads and Google display ads.

Unfortunately, the Display & Search both campaigns turned out to be a flop. The failure was not because of Digital platform not being a right platform. The major fault with the Search ads campaign was with keyword intent. If you don’t capture the intention of the user with a certain search query, majority of the leads so generated wouldn’t be valid. The major fault with GDN campaign was that there was no proper follow up strategy in place before starting the GDN campaign. Even though GDN, Google Search, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and etc., are great platforms to drive quality leads, there are certain guidelines that has to be followed. That’s where we step in. As a digital marketing agency in Kuwait, Raybal Group has a wide scope and has lots of digital campaigns launched in Kuwait. Our team of digital marketers has the right knowledge and skills to get your digital campaigns meet your expectations.

At Raybal before we design your website or write your first email newsletter, we start from scratch. We clarify your branding and messaging, we size up the competition, and then we outline the strategies and tactics that will help you reach your goals.

The factors described above are just a taste of what a marketing agency takes into account. Our top-notch marketing team understands how to translate analytics to reach the right audience for your business and provide a holistic approach that’s difficult to achieve alone. We handle all of this and more, and we do so with a team of digital specialists who have experience working with businesses in all kinds of industries.

Digital Marketing Agency Kuwait

It’s time for you to hire one of the best marketing agencies in Kuwait to work for your business. If your business has reached stalemate due to limited offline attention and barely any penetration in the online market, then it’s time you reach us. You’ll know the difference soon, and so will your business!

Contact us with any questions you may have, and we’ll help you start growing your business with a curated digital marketing strategy.

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